Meet Tam Craven

Hello to the World Wide Web!!

If somebody had told me ten years ago that I would be writing this I would have thought they were off their rocker. But here we are, where is technology taking the Human race? Who knows, but one thing we all should think about is. Why did God give us the brains, and will it make us any happier. I first started writing when I was 47 years old. I had dabbled with a wee bit of poetry for a few years, but nothing serious. I have always loved to make people laugh. It gives me a great buzz when people talk to me about something funny I have written and it had made them laugh, magic. I used to work as a bricklayer and one day I had a terrible accident when a scaffold I was working on collapsed and I was nearly killed. The accident happened inside a graveyard up at the Clachan of Campsie in the Campsie Glen. I cracked my skull and broke my ribs and had a punctured lung and also a bad knee injury. I think the blow on the head triggered something inside my brain. I don’t force myself to write, it’s either there or it is not there. But sometimes I feel as if I am getting guidance from above.

Not all of my work is comedy. There is some serious stuff as well. Life is not all peaches and cream. But in the main I try to make the reader laugh. And I would like to take this chance to thank all of the people who have helped me with my writing, and all the friends and the characters that I have met in my life. There are too many to name them all, I am bound to leave someone out. But the reader will meet some of them in my books. Over the last three years I have been a volunteer for the Meningitis Association Scotland and have raised them a few thousand pounds from the sale of my books, and I will continue to do so.

One of the proudest moments of my life was when my three “Luath” books were accepted in to the Robert Burns cottage at Alloway. And the first book “Luath,Clarinda and the Redwood Tree” is in the Van Morrison Archives. Not bad for an auld brickie fae Campsie. So I hope you all enjoy my writing and have a right good laugh. God Bless and au revoir the noo!

Next January when the Gallant wee snowdrop appears to us, please look inside one of them. And when you see the beauty that I have seen, please make a wish. Make a wish for peace in this world of ours. Make a wish that we should be dropping food on the starving people of this world instead of dropping bombs.

Make a wish for all our friends and family and every human creature no matter their creed or colour that we should all get together and be as one.

Make a wish to attain inner happiness and peace and be happy inside.

For a’ that, an a’ that,
It’s comin yit for a’ that,
That man to man, the world o’er
Shall brithers be for a’ that.
Robert Burns.

To people who do not have access to the net or do not like paying on line you can write to me to order my books at:
Tam Craven
2 James Hemphill Court
Lennoxtown nr Glasgow
G66 7EX